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I loved to watch the river, and would dip a foot or toe
It would soothe my thoughts completely, as it wound with steady flow
Would often jump into it freely, or race along it's muddy edge
With it's cool embracing arms, taking away the day's hot pledge

For the time I spent in swimming, would bring a warming smile inside
Chase a quiet mood a fleeing, with carefree playing cause to hide
Skipping in and out of pleasures, upon the banks would often run
Tease a fish or two in chasing, oh what delightful playful fun

But upstream a storm was building, as heavy rains began to pour
Out of sight, the drops would tumble, to start their flood in monstrous roar
Rumbling skies and flashing turmoil, from darkened skies, with harsh intent
Up above, the clouds were crying, weeping sheets of water sent

The thunder's blast was never echoed, as the stream began to rise
Never thought impending danger, was to spring before my eyes
I was taken by the river, never saw what was to come
As it yanked and pulled me under, as I gasped at what was done

I would loose this hopeless battle, as it's force could nay be beat
My life was passing swiftly, the struggle ending in defeat
And as the images flashed, I wondered, if anyone could be prepared
To face alone, a flood of fears, believing none had ever cared

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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