AnaMia's Friend PhylanthropicFlattery's Place Net poem No Greater Risk.


In pastel touch of early sunshine
You greet the dawn with pristine grace
With vivid blends of brilliant color
You paint a smile upon my face

In windy breeze that blows so steady
You fill my sails on restless sea
Blow courage and strength to empty canvas
Your sweetened breath delivers me

In fantasy's rush from taunted touch
In glistened path along firm breast
Raging rhythm sound intense
Moving slow and gently best

Although have only what is given
And with that I make things do
More often giving than receiving
At times so harsh for what seems due

But I'll never ask more notice
Or beg for love that seems so lost
Than risk a life without you ever
Knowing well too high the cost

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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