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It was with touch of mystic wand, that placed a girl to greet
A flawless gem from unknown source, wide eyes did brilliance meet
This polished jewel of radiant hue, each facet, precicely right
Had cintched a Poet's artful view, enhanced persuasive light

In reaching down to touch and hold, her glow was quick to heat
Submisive mind with trusting heart, now placed at Master's feet
And with no loss of moment shown, took her for his very own
With snap of steel around sleek neck, He made His house her welcomed home

With huddled heart, beat passion's surge, a Master's pleasure found
For she could dance with firey flow, with caress of sight and sound
Sweet smile of fate was not to last, for upon their lips each cast
In truths revealed by curious path, left bitter grapes of wrath

And now I curse those words allowed, in hearing found fantasy's chafe
As haunt of whisper called again, no love is best played safe

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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