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When I first saw the unclothed lovely, a swinging from the tree.
I honestly must confess, that it truly delighted me.
“What's a girl doing there? And how long will you stay?”
I inquired of the kajira just to hear what she would say.

“I’m an arboreal exotic pagar, very small and most compact,
And have chosen this here tree, to give it some of what did lack."
"Lack of beauty?" She scoffed back laughing. "As a matter of definite fact!"
So smug and condescending, hissed, then showed her silken back.

“But if you stay there...," I cautioned quickly. "...this majestic tree WILL surely die.
For Nature's limb with no humility, will cause a turn from watchful eye.
Or send lightning's speedy bolt on journey, and end quick this plague of sty.
Or else simply left alone to chill. Diseased and dying, on some desolate spot of hill.
For it's not all from toxic bite exotic, or from selfish kiss that makes things ill."

It was at this very point, the girl hissed again loud and then deeply sighed,
Uncurled her delicate legs from branches slowly and bade her tearful sad goodbye.
As she wandered off I heard her sobbing, the notes came carrying back to me
A disappointed kajira with her song of wailing any one could readily see.

The alluring shape of this lone beauty, as too, the branch of any mighty tree,
Were inextricably linked to one thing certain, and it's called incompatibility.
She knows now, so very clearly, of what was never meant to be.
A serpent girl in a tree, and a story never meant for me.

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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