When I give my heart to a stranger
Not often am I surprised
To have no fear no danger
In dialogue new comprised
For this loves not mistaken
As cause for pain or grief
When faith is not once shaken
And truth is never brief

For vision once was given
To see my world complete
It brings the peace I live in
This path below my feet
For now I make this journey
Courageous yet still meek
To give these thoughts to others
With tearful eyes do greet

I rush headstrong and squeeze you tight
With this I seal my fate
To hold you close on this late night
Is key to heaven's gate
With lips pressed tight against you
Firm warmth now deep inside
For love is now my teacher
And passion's angel guide

I wake again so gently
And welcome back the day
To thank god for my caring
And allowing love to stay
For without it I am nothing
Would quickly cause to frey
And love tomorrow's strangers?
I surely couldn't say.

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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