How many nights have gone before me
As enchanted excitment escaped the dawn
As I played, engaged with others
While time slid past and hurriedly on

With thoughts intensly focused
Evoking endless emotional thrill
To think that you could but awaken
For long this breath in waiting, held incredibly so still

For it's not that I'm resentful
For too few precious words once lent
Or for those small unguarded moments
I knew from angels lips were sent

For if had half of what was wishing
To find with courage a cup at brim
And have the strength to once but show you
And release love's passion contained here in

And not of loved so long without it
Or watched you near then pass fond fate
Without the smallest inclination
Of what lay just ahead in wait

Do take this last long glance at heaven
That desperation has worn past thin
Behind some embelished friendship taken
While intense passion raged within

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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