Gather then sort the scattered thoughts
Delivered to one; like the wind fills the air with motion
As hurried pecks from the beaks of hungry birds
They rush to tap out their message
They rush to scribble their wants and wishes
They scramble to disarm their thoughts
A gallery in time

Marked in time, the steady mix of images flow
Blown on the canvas for all to see
They race together yet apart
A collage of animation
Colors marking only the boundaries' edge of definition
Every edge revealing only bits and pieces of the maze uncovered
Pieces hinting sometimes no more than a shadow, the faint form of outline
With each new shadow, shading, describing, shaping, each new word revealed
The endless progressions flash and spark across the screen
A gallery in time

It is a collection of fluid revelations
Changing in appearance as each new artist rushes to make his mark
The constant flood of desires and hopes
An endless parade of hints and remarks
An attempt to be heard if only for a short moment
To splash the need to be accepted
To swirl a feeling deep
To dimple the fabric with a dream
The sea of images flow endlessly
A gallery in time

And there, between the fixed fonts and colored type
Paintings more beautiful than anyone can imagine
Beyond the speckled phrases and tattered innuendo
Inspiring scenes more rewarding than the first
One needs only to listen to find what we all desire
Fill your gallery with the trappings of understanding
And friends will seek you out
Hang the comfort of acceptance on those walls
And friends will always admire
Fashion the very partitions that once kept you so separate
And those friends will also bring treasures to place in your home
And shape the world for a new tomorrow
A gallery in time.

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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