I once was filled with sorrow
And morbid thoughts would reign
Confusion plagued my reason
My days were full of pain

I journeyed into darkness
And tempted fate in play
I came so close to madness
My mind I tossed away

But then read my tombstone
It shook me from my sleep
"Here lies one selfish fellow
With friend not one did keep"

He lived for only money
Wild women and song would seek
The world will end tomorrow
He had no plans to keep

So out I rushed to change my life
A family instant now shaped my path
I tried so hard to change my fate
Erase that epitaph

But in full circle was left alone
Regret was now the cost
To not of fought for those I loved
Replay memories of what was lost

But now I feel I did my best
For one beautiful dream still view
And this time peace and calm bring rest
And now gives good it's due

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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