Though not often unfamiliar
As a tear fresh in my eye
That I brush the same sensation
No time left to tell him why

Like a storm the fear does shake me
Chilling winds now turn me blue
Wonder why I never told him
If I stop to think it thru

He gave me safe surroundings
Then with caution he did say
Achieve all of what your wanting
Where there's "will" there's always way

With stern words he'd used describing
Exchange emphatic sometimes had
And though lessons were not easy
Instilled thoughts not once made sad

You see, the tools he used so wisely
Were of a gentleman I'd barely known
And what his son had learned from father
Lessons from which that I'd been shown

So thanks dad, for this brite future
My heart does shine the many ways
And so holds tight those thoughts inside me
For a Father's love still guides my days.

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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