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It's now a month since I lost her smile. Her future is now quite remote. For off she went to tie the knot. A super guy I hope.

This fluent Spanish friend of mine, a princess I should think,Would share her time and make us laugh. Now gone within a blink.She gave her time so freely. Once asked if poems I write.Taking memory back to high school, I blurted out yes that's right.She said "That's great! I knew it." One poem shall be my prize.A week to make your promise good, was now my big surprise.

Now I knew that I had done it, the shock was indeed quick.What my big and boastful mouth had done now shut with one little deadline quip.

My brow did sweat as did I fret, the days now ticked away. Without a final draft I stood, no time to chat and play. But soon I saw what I felt inside, the words came pouring out. What fun it was to sit and write. She'll not have a chance to pout. She strung my words, all editing aside. I read the page out loud.And a beautiful image now on its edge, of which we both were proud.

If not for her I'd not of known, the thrill of this lost art.For this I will remember always. The days an angel touched my heart.

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