Just let me love, if only for one reason
Take my night but leave me the dream
Let me fly high with you right beside me
Just let me love, you know what I mean

Just let me love, and hear my heart a thunder
Like the loud crash where the rocks meet the sea
Splashing hard on the shores of my wonder
Just let me love, and set my heart free.

Just let me love. Oh how I hope to please you
Its only fair that I find a deep sleep
I only ask that you once but listen
And let this little old giving heart beat

Just let me love, if for just only one moment
For I know now its the best way to live.
Loving you from now and forever
Let me tell you once more, just what to give

Just let me love and show me beams of bright moonlight
Set my mind free to see the warm flash
Let me hear songs of sweet gentle music
It's not too much, this little I ask

Just let me love and find me dancing on laughter
And keep your salt in that deep blue sea
Please let me have only what I'm after
Just let me love and let me be me

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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