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How much time must torment touch
On turbulent sea in persuasion's clutch
Since first besieged in panic's swell
To flounder fast in hastened hell

I stop to count the moments lost
It plagues me still from dusk to dusk
When sense of duty and honor kept
Removes from peaceful nighttime slept

When heated breath draws close to me
My choices flee and and I am free
As passion's lust suspends the dawn
This troubled mind she soothes along

But exchange of refused oath's release
A promise made to Turia's Hes'
I gave my word and keep this day
Three months time, and not one more stay

And do neither judge this poet wrong
For if either wish his strength along
Just know I asked if things could change
And before return in hope arrange

A place where open heart can seek
A place to live with pride to speak
And not confined with term to pay
But in one's home with welcomed say
PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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