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In unusual calm and gentle light when things were not just always right.We could sit and talk, diminish fears, difuse a troubled look when anxious nears.

It wasn't just the evening tasks, helping others with what they often asked.That made me spend such time away, never mind at all when asked to stay.For in solving things within the maze, it was indeed to change her loving gaze.A wrinkled brow she'd often send, when feeling sure would never end.

So jealous time would tick away, even more as I would tend to play.While her wishing list of things to do had gone undone before now seeing new.

But my dearest friend had not forseen what I brought from lifeless cold machine. To feel accepted, loved and even adored, and not touch once on being ill ignored. So many others too had often seen, this source where hope and love had been. And not in just a different feel, what was felt inside was oh so real. For it wasn't with such harsh intent in seeking new and cherished rich content, that I pushed distress to open vent, from a partner's faith now fully spent. For in the quest, to intensely love, did risk the loss of one special dove.No clue was ever taken, no glimpse of passion's missing shade, no change of heart was ever made, that quickly caused intense to fade.

So I write again this note of plea, that she send some delicious thoughts toward me.For in this friend I've long time known, lays a bird of passion never flown. So here I wait, for her to see, that it's been love, not fantasy. Hope first stars wish of tender night, will shine upon her maiden flight.

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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