AnaMia's Friend PhylanthropicFlattery's Place Net poem Forever Forest.


When I was just a child
I was cautioned not to go
Where the river's start of flow
Passed onto fields below

So in being a good child
Never wished to take a glance
Not for knowledge to enhance
Into forest ever chance

But as I grew into a boy
Words that frightened now annoy
Who's to tell me what to fear
I'll just go a little there

Within a blink and I was gone
For the stories were not wrong
Forever lost the life I knew
For being grabbed on venture thru

But I escaped and ran from there
This youthful lad did rightly scare
Now hoping hard to find that stream
That did evoke this nightmare dream

So if your asked to forest go
Or river's source you want to know
Just take a long hard look around
Green vines forever you might be bound

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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