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Regrets we all have many
But who's to say whats right
A person with no conscience
Might never see the light

Or one who hides in shadows
Afraid to shake their fright
Will never feel the warmth of praise
Or the chill of anger's bite

No one should tell another
Just how to find their peace
Like stars in sky above at nite
A thousand ways to reach

But I will wish, upon those stars
It's not for me I pray
In loving words I send up high
With a gleam on cheek to say

Allow this friend to find the way
And hold her close to you
And give her cause to trust again
And never more be blue

Surrender love and don't hold back
Let courage be not what's lacked
The more you give, the more recieved
And that's no lie, it's fact

PhylanthropicFlattery "Wingless"
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